We welcome all arrangements to hire our location!

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Hire our hall for your next event

We offer our Gold-Coast location to hire, all arrangements are welcome!

Our Share-N-Care Community Centre is a hidden gem in the City of Gold Coast. Situated on 10th Avenue, in the heart of Palm Beach Central, Australia, the Venue is within walking distance of the Beach.

Whether you are looking for a social or a professional setting, our function rooms are suited to all types of engagements such as: birthday celebrations, engagement parties, group meetings, conferences, seminars etc.

We welcome all events. The hall is furnished with lots of seating possibilities, quality music equipment, performance stage and much more! It is a perfect environment for your birthday, wedding or function activities.

Let loose and dance the night away on our hall's polished wooden floors that are ideal for stage, theatre or dancing activities.

We encourage you or small and big businesses to take advantage of the prime location of our community centre within the Gold Coast, perfect for Holiday celebration parties, meetings and much more!

Our onsite commercial kitchen is readily available to cater any event. However, if you would like to put your culinary skills to the test, your own use of our kitchen facilities can be organized.

Please contact us for further information on pricing and availability.

Two Halls

We have the following rooms for you to hire

Main Hall

The Main venue is perfect for large events and celebrations of special functions, celebration or seminars (appox. 100 people room capacity under Government restrictions).

The facility is composed of a large stage, numerous seating possibilities and is equipped with a new Sound system, Stage lighting, Projectors, widescreen TV´s and much more. Please contact for more information!

Meeting Rooms

The meeting rooms, smaller than the Main Hall (appox. 40 people room capacity under Government restrictions) and strategically located away from the main hall is suitable as breakaway rooms. The spaces are lockable which make them formidable options for groups wanting their own private uninterrupted space.


For any booking request. Call the Palm Beach Share and Care Centre at 0755356444.  

bond fee will be requested upon booking. Once the bond fee is issued and booking made, a booking agreement and invoice will be sent to you via email.

Prices will vary depending on several factors (rooms, catering...etc.). Please contact us at 0755356444 for more information about pricing. 

Free cancellation or modification can be requested 24 hours prior the booking date. For further information, contact the centre directly at 0755356444.

No extra cost will be asked and the bond will be refunded in case of no show. However, booking fees will not be refunded by the centre.  

For any extra information about pricing or availability, etc. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 0755356444.

Any catering / food preferences (eg. light food, finger food...etc) can be requested upon booking. This will involve an extra fee upon the booking fee.

For COVID restrictions or any Government health and safety regulations information. Contact Palm Beach Share and Care Centre at 0755356444.

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